Grote has developed a new surface-mount bracket with an on-off switch for its LED WhiteLight Interior Dome Lamps. The bracket can be engineered into new vehicles or retrofitted into existing ones. 

“Grote has eliminated the hassles of cutting holes into interior infrastructure, fishing for wires, and other steps that often go along with installing interior dome lamps,” said Mike Grote, the company’s business development manager. 

The lamps have long been used in military applications, he said. They offer dual operating modes – standard WhiteLight illumination mode and tactical or blackout mode, which uses a combination of red/white or blue/white color to allow soldiers to see, while avoiding detection. 

“The same color combinations and dual control are ideal for the emergency response market because the WhiteLight provides exceptionally bright, low-heat illumination, and both red and blue lights preserve night vision and eliminate glare,” 
Grote said. 

Grote Industries is a 108-year-old family-owned company that manufactures vehicle safety systems products. 

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