Grant Assists Streetsboro (OH) with Extrication Equipment

The Streetsboro Fire Department (OH) has been awarded a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security for $93,600.

The city will provide a 5 percent local share, or $4,930, toward the purchase of two Genesis Rescue Systems from Howell Rescue Systems, which cost $98,600. This extrication equipment will replace the old rescue systems that have become ineffective and outdated, he said.

This secondary truck would be available in case a second accident were to occur while the primary vehicle was in the middle of another rescue call. Duplicate pieces also allow the department to get the most out of the equipment. With the old equipment placed on another truck, it can be used for its full life span.

The old equipment wasn’t enough as it wasn’t strong enough to cut through newer cars.

With the frequency of these types of accidents, new extrication systems are required.

The Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study recently came out with their three-year traffic study (2010-12) that shows the intersection of routes 43 and 14 as having the highest traffic volume of any intersection in Summit or Portage counties. The study shows an average of nearly 54,000 vehicles pass through that intersection daily.

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