Grady County (OK) Fracking Fire Damages Fire Equipment

Six fire departments under Grady County Emergency Management and the Amber Fire Department responded to the fire at the fracking site on Highway 39 run by Continental Resources.

Grady County officials said at least 40 sets of bunker gear and 3,000 feet of hose were soaked in crude oil and left unusable after battling the fire.

“It’s a hard hit,” said Mike Norman, fire chief for the Amber Fire Department. “Everything that was on that site that was going up in the air or that was below our feet, it was on us.”

Noman said the Amber Fire Department sustained at least $20,000 worth of equipment damage.

“It hurts the pocketbook,” Norman said. “We don’t have the money, nor the funding, to come back and replenish this.”

Dale Thompson, director of Grady County Emergency Management, said the organization is working with Continental Resources to get help for the fire departments.

Thompson said the fire departments will have to revert back to their old gear until they can get replacements for the gear that was damaged. Fire departments told KOCO that the damaged equipment will not impact fire response times.

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