Gradall Firefighting Apparatus

NEW PHILADELPHIA, OH—Gradall Industries, Inc. has unveiled a new Web site that introduces its fire apapratus,  the Gradall FA System, designed to provide firefighters with a fire suppression tool to more effectively combat difficult and dangerous blazes.

Battling fires in newer buildings, using new materials and designs that may make it difficult to reach the seat of a fire, the Gradall FA System can capably vent roofs and side walls with its telescoping boom and “5th Man” fire head, a hardened stainless steel piercing nozzle.

The nozzle can penetrate  through windows, doors, roofs, walls, and concrete structures, and then blasting a broken stream of water some 50 feet in diameter through 50 nozzles.

Working closely with established fire truck manufacturers, Gradall engineers integrate the FA System into the heart of established fire truck models, creating a new breed of firefighting vehicles that set new standards in controlling and attacking blazes in dangerous locations.

The system—including outriggers for extra stability—is operated with a wireless remote control mechanism, affording firefighters a better view of the point of attack while also providing a measure of safety.

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