Grace Industries, Inc., describes its new 2007 NFPA 1982-compliant stand-alone PASS devices as robust, using protective silicone covers to stand up to the rigors faced by today’s firefighters. 

Features include:
  SuperPASS 3
    • The first PASS to offer an environmental temperature display.
    • Estimated battery life is 200 hours in “motion-sensing” mode and 10-12 hours in “alarm” mode.
    • Data-logging capabilities of over 8,000 events.
    • Transmits immediate notification of a Mayday situation to the command base and can also receive evacuation signals.
    • When used in conjunction with Grace’s In-Command System, the unit can automatically respond to personnel accountability report and roll call scenarios.
    • Optional environmental temperature display will alert user and command base when a firefighter is in a potentially dangerous thermal environment.

For information, call 800-204-7277 or go to

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