GloWear Expandable Public Safety Vest

Ergodyne’s GloWear Incident Command Series has been expanded to include the GloWear 8244PSV Expandable Public Safety Vest.

The company said the new ANSI 207- compliant vest is ideal for firefighters, EMTs, ambulance drivers and public safety personnel who need high-visibility conspicuity and safety, as well as easy access to belt-mounted gear.

With its adjustable sides and breathable ANSI-certified polyester mesh fabric, the 8244PSV is versatile and comfortable, easily expanding to accommodate turnout gear, bulky equipment and varying worker sizes, according to Ergodyne. The vest’s five-point breakaway system adds a bit of insurance in the unlikely event the vest becomes caught or snagged, the company said.

“The 8244PSV is a natural addition to Ergodyne’s successful GloWear Incident Command series,” said Ergodyne CEO and President Tom Votel. “It provides a smart solution for the competing hazards of emergency responders and public safety workers.”

The company said public safety personnel wearing the ANSI 207-certified 8244PSV can be assured of compliance with the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the National Fire Protection Association 1901 apparatus standard.

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