Gilbertsville (PA) Fire and Rescue Co. Delivers Apparatus to Cisco (IL) Fire Protection District

According to a report from WCIA, the Gilbertsville (PA) Fire and Rescue Co. has delivered a new fire apparatus to the Cisco (IL) Fire Protection District (CFPD).

The truck it replaces has been in use for the past 15 years. Senior CFPD firefighters said the old truck served them well, but the time for a replacement has come.

The CFPD made the announcement on its Facebook page.

This new truck is much larger, being able to carry up to seven firefighters. It also has special features such as automatic chains and external lighting, which helps with interstate rescues in icy conditions.

Perhaps the best part about the new engine is its cost, which is about 1/7 of the cost of a brand-new truck.

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