Geneva (OH) Seeks FEMA Grant for Fire Equipment

The Geneva Fire Department is looking to increase firefighter safety by pursuing new equipment through a FEMA grant.

An Assistance to Firefighters Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency could keep Geneva firefighters — and their trucks and equipment — free from accumulations of toxic chemicals after fires.

Geneva Fire Chief Doug Starkey said the equipment is called an Exhaust Extracting System.

“In this system the hoses are hooked up to the trucks to extract the exhaust when we return to the bay,” he said. “It extracts carbon and other toxic pollutants so we don’t breathe it in the garage. Also, so it won’t stay on (gear). It helps make for a lot cleaner work environment.”

Starkey said firefighting gear is regularly washed, but still collects carbon and other toxic materials between clean up times. It can cause problems for those who wear the gear and others who come in contact with trucks and equipment.

“The system is just another element to help with safety,” he said. “The hose extraction unit hooks up as trucks come in and automatically disconnects as they leave the bay.”

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