Galion (OH) Resolves Dispute and will Purchase Fire Apparatus

The city of Galion soon will have a new fire truck, as treasurer Paula Durbin finally feels comfortable signing off on the purchase.

The city council met in a special meeting Wednesday and passed an ordinance to authorize the purchase of the truck, a step Durbin said should have happened before the city entered into a contract to purchase the truck a year ago.

The meeting came after Durbin refused to sign a $695,000 check for the truck. She said she did not believe the city went through the proper procedure for purchasing the truck because when she asked to see the proper documentation authorizing the purchase, the city did not provide it to her.

Meanwhile, city law director Thomas Palmer said Durbin had a legal obligation to sign the check if ordered by an authorized official to do so, regardless of her opinion about the transaction.

When asked whether the officials followed the proper procedure for purchasing the truck a year ago when they entered into a contract, Palmer declined to answer.

Though Durbin originally insisted the city was required to seek competitive bids to make the purchase, Palmer said the city purchases trucks, along with many other items, through the state’s Cooperative Purchasing Program and therefore is not required to go out for bids. After hearing this explanation and the relevant portion of Ohio Revised Code, Durbin conceeded Palmer was correct.

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