Free Visibility Upgrade for LENTRY Lights and VENTRY Fans

VENTRY® Fans and portable LENTRY® Light Systems
Ventry Solutions, Inc
. has added highly reflective tape and stickers to their ventilation and lighting products, greatly increasing visibility and safety on scene. 

The reflective stickers have also helped educate users on the benefits of extending the legs on all-terrain VENTRY® Fans and portable LENTRY® Light Systems.

The sticker upgrade has proven to be so helpful and has been so well received by customers that Ventry Solutions is sending free sets to everyone who registers a fan or light. 

Regardless of each unit’s age or origin, those who have VENTRY Fans or LENTRY Lights without the tape and stickers can register online at or call 888-257-8967 to get their free upgrade. 

All VENTRY Fans and LENTRY Light Systems manufactured after May 2011 will ship with the special reflective tape and stickers. VENTRY Fans and LENTRY Light Systems are made by the firefighters at Ventry Solutions, Inc. in Hauser, Idaho.

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