Ford QVM-Approved CNG Ambulance

Madison, AL–Excellance, Inc., a family-owned manufacturing company in Alabama, has successfully completed the development, design, and construction of the world’s first Ford QVM-approved compressed natural gas (CNG) ambulance.

This CNG-powered ambulance, custom-built for the Bossier City (LA) Fire Department, features a medium-duty Ford F-650 chassis with lower fueling costs, saving a minimum of 50 percent over gas and diesel powered engines.

Charlie Epps, CEO of Excellance, explains that Excellance is promoting this ambulance design to agencies located in areas rich in CNG fueling stations. “Vehicles with lower carbon footprints are a wonderful way to help the environment”, stated Epps. “Excellance believes the CNG industry has reached a point that makes CNG a safe and cost effective match with this new ambulance design.”

Epps says tests show an average of seven miles per gallon, with the 58 GGE (gas gallon equivalent) fuel capacity, providing a conservative range of 315 miles to the tank. “Fueling times are less than it takes to fill a conventional gas- or diesel-powered vehicle”, according to Epps. “Another important feature is that the ambulance body and CNG fueling system can be remounted onto a new chassis when the original chassis wears out, providing significant savings over the life of the ambulance.”

“Excellance takes great pride in leading the industry in this field of ambulance construction”, Epps stated. “Our goal is to promote the ‘Go Green’ initiative with the many exclusive manufacturing methods that make Excellance ambulances the safest and most durable ambulance in the world.”

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