Protect Fire and Rescue Equipment from Water Damage


Fire and rescue responders rely on their vehicles and equipment to work flawlessly in emergencies. For first responders, Force5 Fire & Rescue works as a corrosion inhibiter, lubricant, and cleaner to keep vehicles and essential gear in good working order.

Force5 Fire & Rescue corrosion inhibitor penetrates into metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion while forming a bond that repels water and other contaminants. This helps to ensure the proper function of equipment while prolonging usable life.

Modern fire apparatus rely on electronics for various functions such as maintaining water pressure in hoses and controlling pump speed. Yet these controllers can also be susceptible to corrosion because of exposure to water, humidity, and condensation. Such exposure can lead to failure of critical vehicle equipment including pump controls, engines, fittings, valves, switches, lighting, and electrical gear if not properly maintained.

The Force 5 Fire & Rescue works well when applied to electronics, including wiring, switches, circuit boards, electrical gear, battery terminals as well as other electronic circuitry and connections to prevent corrosion and electrolysis. Because of its strong dielectric properties, it can restore optimum electrical connection as well.

The corrosion and electrolysis inhibitor can also be used on portable lights, power tools, generators and inverters.

Since Force5 Fire & Rescue is also a lubricant and cleaner, it can be used to remove dirt, grime, grease, and even existing rust on metal parts and fasteners.  

The deep penetrating lubricant makes even hydrants with rusty threads easy to use as well. Coating a hydrant cap with it during testing or maintenance can also help ice fall off the cap more easily, simplifying hydrant access in cold weather locations.

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