Focus on Roberts Fire Apparatus (NY)

Roberts Fire Apparatus was started 14 years ago. It has helped departments buy and design new trucks, and maintain a large number of fleets from as far north as St. Lawrence County and as far south as Greene County. It also services emergency vehicles in Vermont.

Harry Roberts, resident of Roberts Fire Apparatus in Rensselaer, said the business comes with a lot of pressure.

“It’s got to be able to pump water, got to function correctly. It’s a big responsibility and you certainly have to be focused on it,” said Roberts.

Once designed in Rensselaer, trucks are manufactured at E-One plants in Western New York or Florida. When they return to the Capital Region, Roberts Fire Apparatus adds items like hoses, customized paint, and electronics. The small business can be considered the last line of defense before emergency vehicles are put into action.

“We don’t ever want to see anyone get hurt,” Roberts said. “We’re constantly refreshing our guys and ourselves with factory training because things change in this business rapidly.”

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