FLIR Launches Groundbreaking Thermal Imaging Cameras for Firefighting

FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the addition of the new FLIR K65 and FLIR K2 to its suite of K-Series thermal imaging cameras (TICs) for firefighting applications. Both are designed to help firefighters see more clearly in the smokiest environments, locate rescue victims, navigate safely, stay better oriented, and make the best strategic decisions during missions.

The K65 is FLIR’s new NFPA-approved thermal camera, designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association’s standards for interoperability/usability, image quality, and durability. The K65 offers 320 x 240 thermal resolution and features FLIR’s revolutionary Flexible Scene Enhancement™ (FSX) technology for ultra-crisp thermal imagery and visibility in total darkness and smoke-filled rooms. FSX enhances thermal images through real-time, onboard digital processing, producing an image that shows extraordinary structural, edge, and other instantly-recognizable detail. This helps make it easier for firefighters and rescue teams to instantly identify targets in scenes with extreme temperature dynamics. The K65 also features onboard video recording and playback, which is useful for debriefing and training.

FLIR also released the new FLIR K2, the most economical TIC in the K-Series lineup, developed to help outfit more firefighters worldwide, whether a department is adding to its existing pool of TICs or just initiating a thermal imaging program. Powered by FLIR’s revolutionary Lepton® camera core, the compact K2 delivers thermal images at 160 x 120 resolution and is also equipped with FLIR’s patented Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) technology that etches visible-light definition from the built-in digital camera onto the thermal image, allowing firefighters to see key structural details.

“FLIR is proud to announce that the K65 is fully compliant with NFPA standards, which shows our strong commitment to delivering on the most important needs of the firefighting industry.” said FLIR Vice President and General Manager of Instruments, Rickard Lindvall. “The FLIR K2 is yet another example of how our Lepton core allows us to make thermal imaging products more accessible.”

The addition of the new K2 and K65 follows the launch of the K55 and K45 earlier this year and illustrates FLIR’s total commitment to the firefighting market. Both will be showcased at the 2015 Interschutz exhibition in Hannover, Germany, starting June 8th. The K65 will be available for purchase globally through established distribution networks immediately, retailing for $6,995 (€6,190) MSRP. The K2 will be available for purchase in late September 2015 and will retail for $1,295 (€1,195; £875) MSRP.

Along with releasing the two newest K-Series cameras, FLIR has also expanded its warranty on all new K-Series models for those who register within 60 days of purchase. The warranty will now cover the full camera for five years, the detector for ten years, and batteries for two years. Visit for more information.

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