Firm Hired to Write Grant for Memphis Fire Equipment

A request to hire a firm to write a grant seeking funding for new fire equipment was approved by the Memphis City Council at a recent meeting.

In a letter to officials, Memphis Fire Chief Justen Diaz asked for permission to utilize $2,000 from the fire department equipment replacement fund to hire American Grants LLC to write this year’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) to FEMA.

The grant sought would be to provide Turnout Gear and SCBA (air packs) for the department, as the current equipment is nearly 10 years old.

“This equipment would cost the department roughly $250,000 to replace and we have the opportunity to write a grant to replace this equipment at no cost to us except the fee to write the grant,” Diaz wrote.

In a packet provided to the city council, Diaz included a document noting the successful grants written by American Grants LLC over the last dozen years. The firms won 22 grants and most of them were for area fire departments to fund not only equipment, but in some cases to hire firefighters.

A contract with the company would include their conducting research into the financial situation of the Memphis Fire Department, review of grant requirements and preparation of the application. The final draft would be available for review by Memphis officials before it is submitted to FEMA.

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