FireScape: A Creative Escape Seat Concept

BROOKLYN, NY—The invention of the FireScape offers a creative concept for an escape seat that is operated by a watertight, fireproof motorized cable system. FireScape

The FireScape is designed to fall under the force of gravity with motorized power. This unique system provides a safe exit, by slowing terminal velocity and facilitating a smooth landing.

The FireScape was invented by Sonia Hudson of Brooklyn, New York, who states, “This invention is designed to prevent the catastrophe of persons trapped in upper level buildings during a fire, by providing a safe method of transport from burning or crumbling structures. The FireScape was primarily conceived for civilian rescue, but could also be employed by those in military and rescue missions, as well.”
Hudson lists the following “Advantages & Benefits” to her design: 
  • A series of metal hooks would be used to secure the unit to a window ledge.
  • The seat may be fashioned from silicon which is heat resistant. The front panel of the seat would be closed across the occupant’s legs and locked into place.
  • A five point harness similar to the type in children’s car seats would be incorporated into the seat design.
  • Power will be supplied by a rechargeable battery.FireScape
  • Cable wires are housed inside a small compartment located at the side arms panels.
  • Cable wires will have the capability to unwind and rewind with touch of an ascend or descend button.
  • Different sizes may be produced to accommodate the descent from second, third, fourth and fifth story windows, just to name a few possibilities.
  • The FireScape could conceivably permit individuals to escape from burning or crumbling buildings by simply gliding down to the ground.
  • An apparatus that utilizes slow yet effective velocity inherent in a motorized lift system, this creative product would incorporate the laws of aerodynamics to achieve a life saving device.
  • FireScapeAs such, catastrophes in buildings up to five stories may never be repeated, as those who are trapped on the upper floors of burning or crumbling buildings would not have to leap to what is a sure death.
  • Although the FireScape was primarily conceived for civilian rescue, this versatile device could also be employed by fire departments for keeping their personnel safe, as well as in military search and rescue missions.
  • An innovative product concept, the FireScape could handily save many lives.

    Read more and see the FireScape at Invention Publicity, at, or at Virtual Prototype.

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