Firehouse Subs Gives Georgia Counties Fire Equipment

Firehouse Subs public safety foundation doled out more than $37,000 in grants for new safety equipment for Bolingbroke Volunteer firefighters in Monroe County, Peach County EMS and Mattie Wells Elementary School in Jones County.

Representatives of the organizations demonstrated the new equipment Thursday morning at the Firehouse Subs at 4921 Riverside Drive.

Jim Mickle, Chief Financial Officer of the Bolingbroke Fire Department, expects their $17,946 grant to pay off in a number of ways.

After battling a fire and concluding salvage operations, rolling up and storing hoses can be a painful chore.

A new power hose roller will reduce manpower, shorten cleanup time and save on insurance claims.

“We can roll the hose and actually prevent back injury by not having to bend over and do those things because it’s battery operated,” Mickle said. “It will drain the hose and roll it right at the same time.”

The department also purchased bright colored hoses with reflective arrows to guide a firefighter out of a smoke-filled building.

Alfonzo Ford, director of Peach County EMS, showed off their new $15,761 utility terrain vehicle with stretchers. The vehicle will broaden their rescue capability and get them to victims sooner.

“We have ability to get to people in crowded events, such as homecoming events, or maybe go into the woods and maybe rescue hunters or search for people,” Ford said. “This equipment is wonderful, we never thought we would even get a chance to attain a piece of equipment like this, but we’re really fortunate that we did.”

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