Firehouse Subs Donates Equipment to Jefferson County (TN)

The Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation donated $20,000 in equipment to a Jefferson County (TN) volunteer fire department.

Parrotts Chapel Community Fire Department safety officer Ray Shumate said the donation replaces equipment that was in some cases seven years old and donated from other departments. In addition to turnout gear — hats, boots, coats and pants — they also received four rechargeable lights for the trucks, helmet lights and a ladder, Shumate said.

Shumate said the Insurance Service Office in Jersey City, N.J., will evaluate the department’s training, equipment and maintenance of its equipment. Parrotts Chapel currently has a ISO rating of 10, which is the highest, Shumate said.

Shumate said insurance companies in turn use a community’s ISO ratings to set individual home insurance rates, and a lower number would be better.

“That $20,000 in equipment will help reduce our insurance rating to an 8 and our homeowners insurance rates will be drastically reduced,” he said.

The donation was made Thursday at the Pigeon Forge Firehouse Subs, and co-founder Robin Sorensen was on hand with franchisee Paul Bennett to award the equipment.

Bennett said in 2011 the foundation donated about $20,000 in communications equipment to the Pittman Center Volunteer Fire Department. In 2012, the foundation donated about $20,000 in turnout gear to the Northview Volunteer Fire Department.

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