Firehouse Subs Donates Equipment to Four Communities Fire Department

The Four Communities Fire Department recently received new extrication equipment that was donated by Firehouse Subs.

The department is also a non-profit and really is appreciative of donations. They recently got a major boost when it received over $25,000 worth of extrication equipment donated by Firehouse Subs.

“There’s new metallic compounds (in cars that) are actually harder than our cutters are so in order to be able to extricate someone from a bad wreck, our tools literally wouldn’t cut it,” said Gillis. “The new set has the same cutter, spreader and ram but they’re hydraulics. Not only can they cut harder metals but the new units are actually probably two to three times stronger.”

“That’s going to help us immensely. That right there will save minutes of the scene, when we actually get to the scene and setting up our equipment instead of having to set up all of the equipment that was attached to the previous stuff,” added Hill on the donations. “It saves minutes where we can actually get a person out into an ambulance or out of a life-threatening situation and better help and assist the paid crews and the community as a whole.”

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