Firefighting Robotic Vehicle System

Lockheed Martin Fire Ox

Lockheed Martin’s Fire Ox is a multimission, semiautonomous unmanned ground vehicle that leverages defense technology to benefit fire management. The autonomous technology can support suppresstion, trenching, hazmat, mop-up, situational awareness, communications, logistics, casualty or injury evacuation, and three-dimensional mapping and navigation. Fire Ox can be used individually or integrated with existing infrastructures to simplify firefighting operations.

It features a 250-gallon polypropylene tank with 12-gallon integrated foam cell; 1.5 AGE pump with 10-hp diesel engine (high-pressure, low-volume, gear-driven pump wth 12-volt electric stater and alternator), booster hose reel, forestry robotic monitor with wireless control, 1.5 Class A foam system, drip torch tray and holders, 1,000-Watt portable generator, and high-intensity lighting.

Other features include EO/IR cameras for day/night non-line-of-sight operation and for locating hot spots, 6×6 hydrostatic drive, skid steer, optional battery charging station, 9,000-pound removable/relocatable winch, and optional hydraulic PTO ports.

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