Firefighters Injured After Miami Apparatus vs. Ambulance Crash

Seven firefighters were injured when a fire apparatus and ambulance collided today in Miami, Florida.

The local CBS affiliate reports that both vehicles were en route to separate assignments with four firefighters on the fire truck and three in the rescue ambulance at the time of the crash. Three civilians were also reportedly in the ambulance.

The report said all are listed as being in stable condition.

The Miami Herald details that the force of the crash was so strong that the fire truck spun 360 degrees, hit a curb and flipped on its side, said Miami Assistant Fire Chief Pete Gomez

The rescue truck’s front was sheared off, its windshield bashed in.

“When you have a 40,000-pound truck flip on its side, and no one is seriously hurt, I’d say that’s a pretty lucky day,” Gomez said.

Four firefighters were on the fire engine, three firefighters were in the rescue truck along with a grandmother and two children. Two other people in a car also were injured.

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