Firefighter Invents Mobile Fire Equipment Delivery System


CHICO, CA—Moving equipment from one location to another quickly and efficiently is a huge problem faced by fire and other industries. To help solve this problem, Rescue 42, Inc., a manufacturer of fire and rescue equipment, has designed The PodRunner™, an industrial strength, mobile cargo carrier that mounts on a vehicle’s trailer hitch. PodRunner marries the best features of an industrial rolling cart with a hitch mounted cargo carrier. The PodRunner’s robust scissor‐lift chassis (the “Runner”) enables one person to easily roll up to 600 pounds of total weight and mount the entire unit on a standard two-inch trailer hitch.

The PodRunner completely eliminates the need for several people to load and lift equipment on and off a vehicle, then carry it to where it needs to go, saving time and reducing lifting injuries.

There are several standard Pods (enclosures), which can be customized to fit nearly any fire‐rescue need. With 18 cubic feet of secure storage, The PodRunner Cargo‐Pod™ can accommodate various types of equipment from SCBA bottles and technical rescue gear to inflatable boats and hazmat supplies. The Workstation‐Pod™ can be outfitted as a mobile field desk or communications hub. Interior options range from simple shelves and drawers to complex computing and communication terminals. Multiple power supply options ensure that regardless of the deployment area or conditions, your system will function at peak efficiency. The Hydrant‐Pod™ features highly efficient water pumping configurations: hard suction lines, strainer, discharge hose, and extra fuel and can accommodate many different brands and styles of pumps. If one of the standard pods doesn’t work for a customer’s needs, the Runner can be fitted with a wood, metal or plastic plate for universal mounting of larger equipment such as generators, compressors, scene lighting, saws, or specialty tool cabinets.

“There are no registration, speed, and road restrictions when hauling the PodRunner because its wheels are suspended off the ground while on the back of a vehicle,” states Tim O’Connell, inventor of the PodRunner and owner of Rescue 42, Inc. “You can drive code three, off‐road, or move it from vehicle to vehicle as needed.” The unit is narrow enough to fit through doorways and on elevators making the PodRunner versatile both indoors and out.

Unique features like the ergonomic handle grips with hydraulic disk brakes for control on steep terrain and foldup tires for additional road clearance are just some of the design elements that make the PodRunner so versatile. “We set out to design a premium product that fire‐rescue personnel would want to use, and we have a very talented team of engineers and usability testers who’ve exhaustively examined every part and function of the PodRunner™ to ensure that it meets our customers’ demanding requirements in the field.”


From basic storage pods to complex command hubs, The PodRunner offers a wide range of functional equipment mobility solutions.

For more information, visit See the Podrunner in person at FDIC International 2015 at booth 3133.

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