Firecom Introduces the 500-Series Wireless Headset at FDIC Intl. 2015

Firecom is proud to introduce the new 500-Series wireless headsets this year at FDIC International. Keeping its promise to turn firefighter feedback into innovations, the 500-Series combines new communication and safety technologies that deliver improved performance for mission critical communications.

“We’ve done a lot of engineering to where the headband connects to the ear dome so the side force has been reduced significantly so they are comfortable a lot longer—wearable—than they were in Gen 2,” says Julie Steding, marketing manager. “We have stereo listen-through microphones that provide situational awareness and let you have a face-to-face conversation with someone who doesn’t have a headset on without removing your hearing protection. You can adjust the volume of that with the dome controls.” The key is that the hearing protection is not being removed. “In Generation 2, we had a headset with a slotted dome which let you hear some environmental noise but also removed the hearing protection from that dome,” she adds.

Features include:
•    New wireless DECT7: Better voice clarity and understanding through high-definition, wideband audio.
•    Stereo Listen-Through: Ear dome microphones provide situational awareness without removing hearing protection.
•    Bluetooth option: Connect mobile phones, GPS, and other Bluetooth-capable devices.
•    Direct-wire interface: Connect a two-way radio with a Firecom PR interface cable.

“DECT7 is the latest version of our wireless technology,” says Steding. “That’s the backbone of the new wireless system. It has improved range. It has some capabilities to it when paired with our wireless base station that we didn’t have before. We also implemented an auto-on feature. Right now when you hang this up in the apparatus and you plug it in to charge, when you go to go out to another call, there’s a delay when you have to wait for the headset to repair itself to the intercom. With auto-on you disconnect the power cable, pull your headset down, put it on, and it’s automatically on. So, you’re not losing the first 10 or 15 seconds of communications waiting for headset to pair.”

The company listened to input and engineered the 500-Series to provide the fire service with rugged and rigorously tested apparatus communication system available. Other features of the 500-Series also include:
•    IP67-rated and waterproof: rugged inside and outside the apparatus
•    Extended range provides improved coverage.
•    External antenna option for installation flexibility.
•    Auto-On that eliminates communication delays.
•    Backward-compatible with all existing Firecom installations.

“Acceptance is just fantastic,” says Steding. “So far beta reception has been really good for the new proeuct. So we’re excited to hear some feedback live on the floor in the next few days and take that back and continue to make improvements on it.”

For more information, visit www.firecom.

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