Firecom Introduces Slotted-Dome Wireless Headset for Fire Apparatus

PORTLAND, OR-Firecom, a supplier of communication equipment for the fire and rescue industry, introduced its slotted-dome headset, available as an option on both its wired and wireless headset communication systems.

Standard Firecom headsets provide 24 decibels of noise reduction for both ears, and have built-in speakers in both domes, making them ideal for communicating in noisy and extreme environments. In Firecom’s slotted- dome design, one dome is outfitted with full noise reduction and communication capabilities. The second dome has no speaker, and slots cut into the dome allow first responders to hear everything happening around them. For some members of a fire crew, situational awareness is even more important than hearing protection. Research has shown that poor situational awareness is a major factor in accidents caused by human error.

The slotted-dome design is the latest in a series of options developed for Firecom’s 50-Series headsets, all of which offer hands-free, full-duplex communication for crews of up to 40 members. Full-duplex capability is especially important in the fire environment because it allows crew members to speak to and hear each other simultaneously, much like a telephone call. All Firecom headsets feature comfortable ComLeather ear seals and are covered by a two-year limited warranty, expandable up to five years with the company’s optional ComCare™ service program.

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