Firecom Extends Technology Lead with New Generation of Wireless Communication Headsets for Firefighters and Emergency Responders

Firecom 50-Series Delivers Industry-Best Wireless Performance, Comfort and Customer Support

September 26, 2011, Portland, OR Firecom, a leader in team communication solutions for firefighters and emergency responders, today announced the availability of its 50-Series rugged wireless headset communication systems that extend Firecom’s lead in supporting critical communication for firefighter safety, productivity and effectiveness.

The new full-duplex hands-free
wireless radio headsets offer extended range up to 1600 feet, secure and interference-free 1.9GHz communication, 24-hour battery life with two-hour recharge, radio push-to-talk capability, selectable microphone squelch levels, IP65 rating for operation in wet environments and breakthroughs in extended wear comfort. The 50-Series wireless headsets continue to be completely wire-free, eliminating the risk of entanglement from a corded belt pack. All Firecom headsets offer 24db of hearing protection for personal safety. ComCare™ service programs are also available that provide comprehensive support and warranty coverage for up to five years.

“The 50-Series headsets were designed based on input from the hundreds of thousands of existing Firecom users,” said Executive Vice President Reed Stager. “As the preferred provider of communication headsets to the fire industry and the pioneer in truly wireless firefighter headsets, Firecom continues to extend its lead with continual advancements to our communication systems to increase the safety and effectiveness of firefighters worldwide.”

Firecom wireless headsets use DECT6, as opposed to Bluetooth, for encrypted voice transmission. DECT6 operates on a licensed 1.9GHz frequency, keeping communication free of pervasive interference from consumer electronics that operate in the Bluetooth 2.4GHz band. Firecom’s innovative DECT6 implementation provides almost 30 times the wireless coverage area compared to Bluetooth. The 50-Series advanced battery management system delivers not only 24-hour continuous operation per charge and two-hour full recharge, but also ensures that the headset is fully ready to operate up to a year after the last charge.

Firecom 50-Series headsets are completely compatible with existing Firecom systems, which can also be configured to transmit and receive through up to three mobile radios along with full-duplex intercom. All Firecom systems are plug-and-play compatible with over 400 radios from 24 manufacturers. Wired headsets are available that incorporate the new extended-wear features of memory foam-filled ComLeather ear cups and lighter headband pressure. The 50-Series headsets are available in under-helmet and over-head band configurations.

Firecom products are backed by the most comprehensive customer care program in the industry. ComCare service eliminates customer concerns about equipment downtime and service by guaranteeing priority response to technical support inquiries, priority product repair times with rapid return shipping and full warranty extensions of up to five years. Customers receive immediate technical support, expedited repair service and overnight return shipping within the United States. ComCare service uses manufacturer-certified personnel and parts, protects against repair or freight price increases and delivers industry-best turnaround time to reduce any potential downtime for customers. ComCare service will typically be faster and cost less than a single out-of-warranty repair.

About Firecom

Firecom is the leader in innovative and proven team communication systems for fire crews and emergency responders. Firecom supports hundreds of thousands of firefighters around the world by delivering proven hearing protection and clear communications that improve safety, effectiveness, and productivity. Our rugged headsets, intercoms, and radio interfaces ensure all crew members can hear and be heard under the most challenging circumstances. Firecom pioneered the development of hands-free wireless headsets, which allow crew members to stay in continuous contact without being tethered to an intercom or belt pack. We back our systems with our exclusive ComCare™ Service Programs, which provide up to five years of customer care and warranty protection — the longest in the industry. 

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