Fire Replicas Announces Scale Model of FDNY 150th Anniversary Ferrara Fire Apparatus Ladder Truck

CLEVELAND, WI—Fire Replicas has announced today the development of a museum-grade scale model of the FDNY 150th Anniversary Ferrara fire truck. This release is the first of several upcoming projects within Fire Replicas’s licensing relationship with FDNY.

The 1:50 scale model will be precisely engineered to the exact specifications of the real truck. The replica will feature a stainless steel ladder and use a variety of other materials including high-definition resin, wire, rubber, and other composites and metals. The fully custom 150th Anniversary graphic package will also be accurately replicated to an acute level of detail.

“This project is special to us for a number of reasons,” says Nicholas Neumann, president of Fire Replicas. “Not only does this replica honor FDNY’s historic year, but it is also our debut project for both FDNY and Ferrara Fire Apparatus.”

Each museum piece of this Ferrara 100-foot ladder will include a high-quality, custom display case to preserve the model. An etched stainless steel identification plate will feature the department and truck name, as well as the FDNY seal and FDNY 150th Anniversary logo. 

About Fire Replicas
Fire Replicas manufactures and markets limited production, museum grade scale models of fire service equipment including engines, aerials, rescues and TDA’s. In cooperation with fire departments, dealers, and equipment manufacturers, Fire Replicas scale models are designed and built to real truck specifications and decorations.

Initial production of the #FDNY150 replica is planned for 250 pieces and available for purchase at

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