Fire Destroys Thousand Island Park Fire Station

A raging fire overnight destroyed the Thousand Island Park fire station and two nearby businesses.

The call for help came just before midnight — a serious situation in the small Thousand Island Park community.

Fred Lampman is deputy director of Jefferson County’s fire and emergency management. He said the fire was “originally reported as an explosion with a large building on fire.”

The building houses a portion of the Wellesley Island Fire Department. Inside were fire trucks, the department’s only ambulance and rescue gear.

Some of that gear fed the fire, making it even more dangerous.

“There are tanks that are in the building,” Lampman said. “There are fuel tanks, as well as oxygen tanks because of the ambulance.”

After burning for about a half hour, the building collapsed, showering neighboring homes in fiery debris.

Crews worked to keep the fire from spreading, but there were other losses. A plumbing business and a popular ice cream shop known as The Guzzle were both destroyed.

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