Fire Department Transforms Ladder Truck with Vinyl Wrap

GENEVA, OH—As is the case with many cities around the country, budgets strain to meet the ever increasing needs of the community. In Geneva, OH, the situation was no different. The increasing growth and demands of the community for the fire department required an investment in a new ladder truck. The first step was to find a truck at the right price. Chief Doug Starkey and the team were able to find a great preowned truck from a local community that fit into the budget. The problem? It needed a new paint job.

Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap Ladder Truck

The Geneva (OH) Fire Department began looking for a quick and affordable way to repaint the new ladder truck. The department researched its options and discovered vinyl wraps as an alternative to repainting the truck. It also found Avery Dennison and contacted the Graphics and Reflective Solutions group about the possibility of wrapping the truck.
After investigating the alternatives, the decision became clear. A new paint job would cost between $25,000 and $30,000 and take the truck out of commission for 4-6 weeks. A wrap would cost roughly $7,500 and only leave the department without their ladder truck for 2-3 weeks. The fire department decided that the most cost effective and time efficient solution would be working with the Avery Dennison technical team and Avery® Supreme Wrapping Film.
Wrapping It Up
After several days of work by the fire department to remove all of the many fixtures and panels on the ladder truck, the Avery Dennison technical team members worked together to install the Avery Supreme Wrapping Film in Carmine Red and White at the fire station. The wrap installation took a total of three days; a huge time savings.

Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap Ladder Truck

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is a dual layer film that combines both color and clear protective layers to provide a paint-like finish that is durable and easy to install. It is available in 33 colors and can be custom matched if needed. Police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are ideal for vinyl wraps because they can save time as well as money. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is a smart, affordable alternative to painting vehicles.
Finishing Touches
A local sign shop put the finishing touches on the fire truck. It applied the reflective striping, letters, and fire department crest to finalize the truck. “Overall this was a great experience,” said Molly Waters, a member of the technical service team at Avery Dennison. “My technical service teammates and I had the opportunity to gain additional hands-on experience using Avery Dennison vinyl as well as serve the Northeast Ohio community and meet a great group of guys at the Geneva Fire Department.”

Avery Dennison Vinyl Wrap Ladder Truck

Avery Dennison’s quick and effective paint replacement product, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, and the technical team allowed the Geneva, Ohio Fire Department to obtain a revitalized fire truck at a low cost at the rapid pace that the department and community needed.

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