Fire Crews and Equipment Travel by Boat to Extinguish Fire on Sodus Bay (NY)

A fire at a storage building in Huron, Wayne County posed a significant challenge to firefighters. It was difficult to get to on Leroy Island, a peninsula sandbar, on the eastern side of Sodus Bay.

“The callers from shore here on the opposite side of the bay believed the fire was spreading to other structures, but that wasn’t the case,” said North Rose Fire Chief Dennis Wigfield.

The storage shed that caught fire around 10 a.m. is on a thin strip of land by the Lake Ontario shoreline. Fire trucks, or any vehicle for that matter, cannot drive there.

Wigfield says the fire started near an outdoor furnace which is fueled by cooking oil. The fire was contained, sparing a nearby house.

“All the equipment and all the manpower has to be transported by boat, and the time of the day, we’re short manpower because everybody’s at their normal jobs, so it was a challenge, but we got through it,” Wigfield said.

No one was hurt in the fire. The owner was not home when it broke out.

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