Fire Apparatus Refurbishment Facility in Nevada Expected to Save Communities Millions

Budget cuts in recent years have caused many fire departments to take a closer look at how they spend their money. The purchase of new fire trucks every 8-10 years is a major expense for departments and often requires them to cut back in other important areas such as personnel. To solve this problem Firetrucks Unlimited was created in 2008 to become the first full service fire truck refurbishment facility. Since then, fire truck refurbishment has become a necessary tool for fire departments to extend the life of their trucks and offset new purchases. To meet this growing need, Firetrucks Unlimited has acquired a new facility and will be having a grand opening ceremony on June 11, 2014.

Fire truck refurbishment typically costs 60% less than buying new and extends the life of a truck by 10+ years. The trucks are completely disassembled and every component is either replaced or repaired. New technology is also installed so the firefighters can take advantage of the latest firefighting advancements. The trucks are then painted and new decals are applied so they look as good as they run. The department ends up with a truck that looks and feels just like new and will provide years of quality service to the community.

Not only does refurbishment cost a lot less, it is also a lot faster than purchasing new. Refurbishment typically takes between 120 and 180 days. To design and build a new truck can take years! In addition to speed, refurbishment also offers flexibility. Departments can completely repurpose their trucks to meet their current needs. These benefits make fire truck refurbishment the best choice for departments who want to save tax payers millions of dollars by refurbishing their fleet. To learn more about fire truck refurbishment click here.

The grand opening ceremony will be held at Firetrucks Unlimited’s new facility at 1175 Center Point Dr., Henderson NV, 89074 from 10am-2pm. Attendees will include fire departments, state and local leaders, employees, local business representatives and company executives. If you would like to attend the open house, please contact Firetrucks Unlimited at (866) 876-0979 or send a message from the web site.

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