Fire Apparatus Meets Plethora of Initial Response Needs

Members of the Broadview Fire Department and Grenfell Fire Department attended a demonstration of a new fire truck, the B-27 Minuteman.

The B-27 Minuteman is described as being designed to meet the initial response needs for rescue, extrication, medical emergencies, wildland and structural fires.

The B-27 Minuteman, with 400 gallons of water and a compressed air foam system (CAFS), using correct tactics, will extinguish the same amount of fire as a large fire truck with a 1250 GPM pump and 3200 gallons of water. The CAFS causes little to no water damage as compared to using strictly water and will eliminate most rekindle.

The demonstration also included an interior attack from the exterior using “The Beast.” The piercing slide hammer makes an entry point in which the 90 degree Fan-Tail wall nozzle can be inserted either through the wall, roof or threshold into the basement. The nozzle‘s fog pattern can be directed to reach up to 75 feet.

Three bumper sweeps, mounted on the front of the truck, can be controlled by the driver for grass and wildland fires.

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