Fire Apparatus Makes Tour Stop in Winston-Salem NC

In an effort to persuade major retailers to create “Made in America” sections in their stores, San Diego resident Aaron Lorell has been traveling the country with a fire truck.

“One thing that always bothered me is that if you want to try and buy American-made products in these big retail stores, it could make your shopping go from half an hour to four or five hours if you were to try and look at all the labels to find in the tiny print what’s made in America,” Lorell said.

Lorell and his friend, Tim Morris, of Sandy (UT) are driving from the west coast to the east coast in the truck he bought after losing his job last year.

He thinks the big box retailers should do what many grocery stores do by giving organic foods their own section.

“People who wanted to shop for organic foods didn’t like hunting all over the supermarkets looking at the labels,” he said.

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