Fire Apparatus Immobilization System

The Vista Brake Lock is an air brake parking safety and security system. Vista stands for vehicle immobilization system touch activated. When added to fire apparatus equipped with air brakes, the Vista Brake Lock will prevent unauthorized use and render the vehicle immobile by pulling the air brake knob.

There are three features to the Vista Brake Lock system. First is a self-contained digital access control keypad that allows codes with four to eight digits for more than one million code combinations. The code combinations are assigned and managed by the users. Codes can be reprogrammed as often as necessary. Second is an air cylinder located between the park brake valve and the park brake valve knob. This disconnect requires the user to send an air signal to the disconnect to release the parking brakes. The air signal is controlled via the keypad and solenoid. Third are individual sensors that monitor the park brake valve position and the driver’s door and seat. If the system detects the park brake valve in the “road” position, the door as open, and the seat as unoccupied, it will send a signal and deploy the valve to the “park” position automatically.

To release the brake, an apparatus operator will enter an individual access code via the Vista keybad. The solenoid will activate, sending an air signal to Vista disconnect. The apparatus operator will push the parking brake valve knob to release the parking brakes.

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