Fire Apparatus Brakes Led to Bangor (ME) Parade Death

Authorities say an initial investigation into the fatal crash at Bangor’s (ME) Fourth of July parade shows that an antique fire engine lost its braking ability when it crushed a man driving a tractor.

Police said 63-year-old Wallace Fenlason was killed when the Maine city’s 1930 McCann pumper hit him.

The fire engine was being driven by 29-year-old Bangor firefighter Patrick Heathcote.

The Portland Press Herald reports an initial police report made available Friday said Fenlason had slowed his antique tractor on the downhill incline of Water Street at the intersection with Main Street. The pumper “lost its braking ability” and struck the tractor.

The report says Fenlason was ejected and landed in the road in the path of the pumper, which hit him.

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