Fire Apparatus Roll-Up Door Replacement Door Tutorial

Ever been in a situation where you needed to replace a roll-up door?   
This fast-moving video will take you through the entire process in less than four minutes.

More and more apparatus purchasing committees today are opting for roll-up doors instaed of traditional swing-out doors. Occassionally, one will require replacement for any number of reasons. This video will help guide your fleet maintenance staff through roll-up door replacement.

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Roll-Up Doors
R•O•M Corporation introduced roll-up doors to the North American fire service in the 1980s, changing the way emergency personnel access their equipment. R•O•M doors are built to last and easy to use. When emergency personnel are responding to a call, every second counts. R•O•M builds a number of conveniences into our roll-up doors that make them the easiest operating doors in the industry. Our doors are attractive, matching the high-gloss appearance of your vehicle. And our doors make emergency personnel safer and more productive, keeping them closer to the vehicle and out of harm’s way while providing quick, efficient access to stored equipment. Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards in the U.S.A.

Features of the Roll-Up Door System for fire trucks include:

  • Concave individual slat design – Prevents loose equipment from hindering door operation.
  • Co-extruded inner seal between slats – Prevents metal-to-metal contact and won’t stretch in the heat.
  • Nested end shoes – As the doors roll up in the compartment, these shoes prevent metal-to-metal contact and eliminate damage to the door.
  • Interlocking end shoes – Provides tight-fitting operation, removing any play between slats and keeping graphics aligned. End shoes are swaged/dimpled (never riveted) into place, allowing easy removal and replacement.
  • One-piece side rail and track – Unlike two-piece tracks joined by rivets or screws, our standard one-piece system has no obstructions to bind the doors. Several track styles are available for different installation requirements.

  • Easy one-hand operation – Lift bar and finger pull, integrated into the bottom rail, allow easy one-hand access to equipment anywhere along the door.
  • Smooth, balanced door operation – Neutral-balance means the same effort is used to push up or pull down the door.
Water Protection
  • Standard non-abrasive top and side seals – Provides a non-abrasive water and dust barrier to keep compartment equipment clean and dry while maintaining attractive roll-up door appearance. A wiper top seal is available.
  • Drip pan with splash guard – Attached with spring pins to the pennant plate, the pan rests close to the roll-up door, preserving valuable compartment space while keeping your equipment dry.
  • Integrated sill plate – Built into the compartment to resist moisture penetration. Also protects sill opening from being damaged by equipment.

  • Keyable cylinder lock – Offers easy accessibility and peace-of-mind security.
  • Solid State Magnetic Door Ajar System – Adds versatility with fifth wire that switches to ground (when the system is activated) for multiplexing systems. Smart switch minimizes the possibility of wiring malfunction and improves reliability. The system is contained within the striker block, protected from the elements.
  • LED Compartment Lighting Systems – R·O·M LED Compartment Lighting uses the newest technology to supply the emergency services with compartment lighting that is more effective and more reliable than traditional lighting. Our LEDs illuminate the same or better, but draw 80% less amps, withstand vibration better, and can last the life of your vehicle while providing efficiency, cost savings, safety and NFPA compliance.
  • Quest 2000™ power doors and locks – Improves efficiency and saves time by having a switch in the cab activate power doors and locks. Roll-up doors can be raised before fire personnel leave the vehicle.
  • Perfect Match Wet Paint System™ – Our Perfect Match paint can be matched to your exact specifications – no matter what color. Roll-up doors are also available in an anodized satin or brushed finish.

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