Ferrara/International Pumper Walk-Around


Engine 42 was placed into service with the McLendon-Chisholm (TX) Fire Department in February, 2014. The cab is an International 4400 four-door model with seating for five. The body is Ferrara’s commercial pumper-tanker model and is constructed of extruded aluminum. Full-depth compartments and roll-up doors are on each side of the body with hinged door compartments on the rear. Ladder storage is located in a compartment on the upper rear of the hosebed body. 

The rig is powered by a Navistar Duramax 330-hp engine and an Allison EVS 3000 five-speed transmission. The apparatus has a Hale RSD single-stage, PTO midship 1,000-gpm pump along with a 1,250-gallon polypropylene tank.

The hosebed accommodates 1,000 feet of five-inch LDH, 325 feet of three-inch hose, and 250 feet of 2½-inch hose. The front bumper contains a jump line with 100 feet of 1¾- inch hose, and two 200-foot 1¾- inch crosslays are located directly behind the cab. Foam capabilities are provided by a FoamPro 1600 system with a 20-gallon foam cell.

Warning lights include a Whelen Freedom LED Lightbar along with Whelen M6 Super LED lights and Whelen Model LINZ6 on the apparatus body. Whelen Pioneer Model PF1P LED extendable lights provide scene lighting. Audio warning devices include a bumper mounted Federal Q2B siren and a Whelen Model 295HFS2 siren module connected to a Cast Product 100-watt speaker mounted through the left front bumper.

This unit is the first brand new, off-the-showroom-floor apparatus since the department’s formation in 1974.

Dealer: Hall Motors-Tyler, TX

Representative-Russ Petre

Photos and description courtesy of Lindsay Dye.


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