FEMA Grants Provide Nassau County (NY) Critical Resources

The successful application for Federal Homeland Security grant funds has allowed the County to distribute critical equipment to various fire departments and Emergency Medical Services agencies.

The Nassau County Office of Emergency Management, in partnership with fire departments and EMS agencies, developed a list of equipment needed in the areas of hazmat response, weapons of mass destruction response, terrorism response, mass casualty response, training, exercise and interoperability.

The equipment distributed included:

Various radio devices with accessories which enhance communications and enable inter-operability between fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies. Receiving these devices were the Fire Departments in East Williston, Locust Valley, Bayville, Bellmore, Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Freeport, and the Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company.

Thermal imaging cameras were presented to the Lynbrook Fire District and Oyster Bay’s Atlantic Steamer Fire Company. These cameras will be used to assist search and rescue efforts by locating victims who may be trapped in smoke-filled rooms as well as any fire source hidden behind walls and ceilings.

The Bethpage Fire Department received 80 Gemtor personal safety harnesses. New York State law now requires interior firefighters wear a safety harness when exiting a building. However this was an unfunded mandate. Today County Executive Mangano helped to provide that funding.

Automated External Defibrillators were provided to fire departments in Bellmore, Carle Place, East Rockaway and to Atlantic Beach Fire and Rescue. These defibrillators are proven life-saving devices. They have a better success rate than CPR alone.

Multi gas meters were distributed to fire departments in Bellmore, Lynbrook and Mineola. These meters help detect poisonous gas which is a tremendous aid to firefighters before entering a building.

Radiation detectors which perform similar life-saving functions as the gas meters were given to the Merrick and Mineola Fire Departments.
Ambulance stretchers were provided to the Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Mineola which will provide additional transport capabilities during a mass casualty incident.

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) packs with extra air cylinders are going to fire districts in Floral Park and Carle Place.
Assorted medical supplies were issued to the Malverne Volunteer Ambulance Corp for response to mass casualty incidents.

Rapid Deployment Decontamination Tents were distributed to the Bethpage and Franklin Square Fire Departments. These tents will assist firefighters working with Hazardous materials response teams. Firefighters will now be able to handle any contamination issue which may threaten residents. Similar decontamination equipment will be provided to the Lakeview Fire Department.

Fire Departments requesting turnout gear will be receiving state-of-the-art individualized protective apparel.
Mangano said that these funds have allowed Nassau to give the brave men and women who put their lives on the live to safeguard the public the right tools to do the job both safely and effectively.

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