FDNY Truck Struggles to Fit New Road

An FDNY ladder truck has trouble on a Bronx (NY) street after design rules were changed for a $40 million road project.

Home video recorded by a neighbor shows an FDNY fire truck having difficulty turning onto Pelham Parkway South, one of the newly redesigned roads, during a joint FDNY and DOT test to determine if emergency vehicles could negotiate turns on and off of the street.

FDNY fire code calls any road that is less than 38 feet “substandard width.” Fire code also requires private-access roads like driveways to accommodate emergency vehicles with at least 30 feet of clearance. 

With the new sidewalk on Pelham Parkway South, the road is now only 26 feet, and when cars are parked on both sides it narrows to just 11 feet down the center.

It’s just enough to allow a fire truck through, but the home video taken by a resident shows a ladder truck having difficulty turning from a side street — making several attempts and having to stop and back up in order to avoid hitting vehicles parked on either side of the street.

As a result of the ladder truck test, FDNY is requesting that some parking be eliminated on Pelham Parkway South to allow the trucks easier access.

For more information, view www.nbcnewyork.com

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