FDNY Technology Could Improve Mayday Responses

The New York City Fire Department has been working to develop an accountability system that would effectively establish and log the locations of firefighters during an escalating incident. Situations like those which developed during the terrorist attacks on September 11th or other forms of disaster can amplify the difficulty of locating lost firefighters. An efficient accountability system can assist to avoid an intense, chaotic, and dangerous scene when multiple mayday calls come at the same time. 

Recently, according to a report from the New York Times, the FDNY began to use a new software system called the Electronic Fireground Accountability System which may prove to save valuable time during these intense situations.

The report states that the software can “identify the seven-digit number unique to a radio” and goes on to say that it “translates that number into a firefighter’s name and displays it, if necessary, on the laptop computers mounted in various places, including in fire commanders’ vehicles.” 

Read more about how the FDNY is using the Electronic Fireground Accountability System HERE.

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