FDNY Offers White Paper on Hospital Fire Safety

A message from NYC Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano

On December 8th and 9th, the FDNY partnered with Mount Sinai Hospital for the 2nd Annual Hospital Fire Safety Conference. The lessons learned from past incidents, today’s current strategies, and the best practices for future ways to prevent tragedies were discussed at this important conference.

Some of the top medical professionals and administrators in the world, and many of our best and brightest Fire Officers, including our Chief of Department Edward Kilduff, discussed the critical importance of fire and life safety in hospitals to not only the patients and staff of those hospitals, but to those who respond there as well.

NBC News Anchor Brian Williams and Michael Useem from Wharton Business School offered their unique perspectives on the challenges hospitals face, and ways to better lead and manage in the future.

The FDNY has responded to several unique emergencies involving hospitals in New York City. Unfortunately, no hospital is immune to fire, natural disasters, and man-made disasters. This is a challenge all first responders and medical facilities face, and together we must strive to make hospitals as safe as possible from fires and other emergencies. We need to plan and prepare for the worst; and train and learn together to be at our best.

The FDNY is please to provide you with the attached information regarding Hospital Fire Safety.

Download it HERE.

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