FDNY Celebrates 150th Anniversary with a Patriotic Themed Ferrara Fire Apparatus

Holden, LA – To help celebrate 150 years of service, FDNY selected Ferrara Fire Apparatus to decorate one of their Ferrara aerial ladders to use as a show piece throughout 2015. The truck was taken out of service in New York City and brought to the Ferrara factory where it was refurbished, including getting a new paint job and an elegant graphics package.

Deviating from the normal red and white cab and standard FDNY graphics, this special edition truck features a beautiful metallic silver cab top, silver leaf stripping and lettering, and a blue silhouette with white stars of the New York City skyline representing the five boroughs.

“It is an honor and a privilege to present one of our aerial ladders as the center piece to commemorate FDNY’s 150th anniversary,” said President/CEO Chris Ferrara. FDNY has recently placed an order for 12 more aerial ladders which will bring the total to 71 Ferrara ladders in service in New York City.  

The FDNY 100’ aerial ladders are built on the Ferrara Ultra custom chassis with a 3CR12 stainless steel split cab and feature a heavy duty stainless steel body, a quick 4-section 100’ rear mount ladder, and an 8-kW hydraulic generator.

For more information, visit http://www.nydailynews.com/autos/fdny-truck-2-8-million-aston-martin-favorites-auto-show-article-1.2170329.

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