FDNY Ambulances Limit Idle Time with Stealth Power Solution

Stealth Power, a provider of smart mobile power systems, created idle reduction technology based on Azure and Windows 10 IoT Core. The system automatically turns off a vehicle’s engine while keeping its electrical communication equipment, heat and A/C running. Currently, more than 300 FDNY ambulances are equipped with this technology, with 76 more to be installed by the end of this year. The solution significantly reduces idling time while keeping mission-critical medical and communication devices running. Over the course of one year, FDNY could reduce fuel consumption in their top performing vehicles by up to 34 percent—which could save the city an estimated $3 million in fuel costs, and reduce annual CO2 emissions by more than 20 million pounds annually.

Stealth Power has also incorporated Microsoft’s Azure and PowerBI products into its solution. Thanks to this integration, FDNY can track its ambulances’ performance and OBD II data in real time. This project empowers FDNY’s fleet managers to improve their fleet’s operational efficiency and proactively reduce maintenance costs.

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