FDIC 2014 Preview-Aerial Apparatus Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

FDIC 2014 Classroom: Aerial Apparatus Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
Firefighter/Safety Officer David Phelan, Bergenfield (NJ) Fire Department

Operational checks are often not performed to the level necessary, and key safety equipment is often neglected and not tested for proper operation. Attendees will be walked through a virtual operational test process through the use of photos and video examples to gain a better understanding of the inspection process. Surprisingly, many of the necessary safety component tests can be performed without expensive tools or equipment. Owner level maintenance is a critical but often overlooked step in apparatus ownership, particularly in departments that must stretch apparatus service life to 20+ years. On completion of the session, attendees will be able to implement an aerial inspection program or a checklist department members can use with only minimal training.

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