FATPOT Technologies Brings New CAD-to-CAD Integration System to Johnson County, Kansas

FATPOT Technologies – an industry-leading provider of public safety and security technology, interoperability and integration – recently completed the installation of a new integrated Computer-Aided Dispatch Interoperability System (“CADIS”) administered by the Johnson County Emergency Communication Center (“ECC”) located in Olathe, Kansas. 

FATPOT Technologies Brings New CAD-to-CAD Integration System to Johnson County, KansasThe county’s existing public safety communications network operates off of two separate computer-aided dispatch systems – one for police, and another for fire and medical personnel – which means messages have to be relayed through different channels. With these different steps, emergency activity and response times can be slowed.

The new customized middleware CAD solution from FATPOT “translates” between these two systems, seamlessly linking them together for system level collaboration. This includes Automatic Vehicle Location and other CAD collaboration tools – including a real-time, dynamic map. The ECC and dispatchers in five other dispatch centers can view the location of other mission critical personnel, calls for service and resources – to quickly identify and manage incidents.

“Our dispatchers, officers, firefighters, and EMTs in the field are very excited to have more information at their fingertips,” said Christopher Hall, Johnson County’s information technology services project manager. “The new CADIS system from FATPOT is part of Johnson County’s ongoing commitment to finding new and innovative ways to keep our community a safe place to call home. We look forward to serving and protecting even better than before for years to come.”

FATPOT has successfully deployed its unique and robust technology solutions in approximately 150 city, county and statewide public safety agencies across the nation.

FATPOT Technologies (www.fatpot.com) is a recognized industry leader in data interoperability and sharing among disparate public safety and homeland security software applications and tools. A subsidiary of Communications International, Inc., FATPOT is powered by Peer Intelligence® rapid integration architecture, designed to quickly integrate disparate CAD, RMS, 911, GPS, and other critical data systems into one unified application framework. This enables highly advanced cross-jurisdictional situational awareness for key decision makers and first responders, who can instantly communicate and coordinate emergency response more effectively.

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