Fat Ivan: A Fold-Up Door Chock

Firefighter Invents A “No Bending” Way To Prop Open Doors
Fat Ivan®, The World’s Only Fold-Up Door Chock, is proving extremely effective in keeping doors open for everyone from mothers carrying in groceries from car to kitchen to Firefighters entering burning buildings. It’s a fold-up door chock that will prop open any door with a standard hinge; then, when not in use, Fat Ivan® has magnets, allowing it to stick to a steel door or frame for easy storage.
Fat Ivan Fold-Up Door ChockFat Ivan® was designed by a Firefighter who saw a need for a door chock that would ‘block & lock’ any door with a standard hinge, then fold up and disappear when not in use. Starting out in a garage cutting hinges from a local hardware store he designed a simple, yet functional tool. 

Through the years people have used everything from shoeboxes toFat Ivan Fold-Up Door Chock wooden wedges to keep doors open while transporting items in and out of homes. With Fat Ivan®, simply open the door, unfold the unit, and insert it over the inside of the door hinge. It cannot be knocked out of the door, and the door cannot shut as long as it is inserted. To remove Fat Ivan®, just release the pressure on the door, and lift the tool off the door hinge. You can now fold up the tool and magnetize it right to the door for easy storage or put it in your pocket, at the ready for the next job site. 

Fat Ivan® is 100% American made, was first introduced in the Fire Industry and is now being distributed in North America, South America, and Australia. 

Click HERE for a VIDEO demonstration of this product.

For more information, go to www.fativan.com

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