Fast Response to Replace Daviess County (KY) Wrecked Fire Apparatus

The Yelvington Fire Department in Daviess County was down a fire truck after it was involved in an accident this past weekend.

Daviess Co. Fire Chief Dwane Smeathers said the department had a replacement fire truck moments after the accident happened. Smeathers says a spare truck was ready to go. 

“In a matter of two to three hours,” he adds.

It’s part of the county’s plan to keep all fire departments prepared and ready to respond.  But firefighters did have to add some pieces.

“Actually, the truck didn’t have a radio in it. They took the radio out of the old truck. Simple as unplugging and plugging it in to the new truck,” he says.

Smeathers says if something happened during the two to three hour window, other departments would respond immediately.

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