Farmington MN New Fire Apparatus Expected Early 2013

By the end of January, Farmington (MN) firefighters will have a new, state-of-the-art fire engine, marking the first engine purchased in more than a decade.

A crew of local firefighters will go to Appleton (WI) where the truck is being built, the week of January 9, to do a pre-inspection on the vehicle.

After the inspection, the engine will be painted white and blue. The next inspection is scheduled for the week of January 22. If everything is in order, the engine will be delivered.

The fire department hoped to have the truck a little earlier in the month, but the snowstorm that covered much of Wisconsin in deep snow in mid-December caused the plant to shut down for a few days.

Once the firetruck arrives in Minnesota, firefighters will undergo training and the apparatus is expected to be in use by mid-February. One of the department’s older engines will then go into reserve.

The new engine will feature a compressed air system, which injects an air and foam mixture into the lines. That feature comes in handy for fires where hydrants are not available, because it makes available water delivered by the tanker trucks last longer. The new vehicle also has built-in rescue and hydraulic tools.

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