Falls Church (VA) Volunteer Fire Department to Donate Ambulance to Island Park (NY) Fire Department

Falls Church, VA—The devastation that Sandy caused along the East Coast from Atlantic City to Rhode Island is immeasurable. In addition to the countless homes and personal property that was lost, local municipalities, including fire departments, are trying to cope with the loss of property and equipment while trying to do their basic job of helping the public.

The Falls Church Volunteer Fire Department (FCVFD) is donating its 2002 Freightliner/Medic Master reserve ambulance to the Island Park (NY) Volunteer Fire Department (IPVFD) so it can continue to serve the public by providing basic emergency medical services.

Flooding caused by the storm surge in the wake of Sandy destroyed the IPVFD fire trucks and ambulance. “Once we learned that all of Island Park’s fire apparatus were lost, we reached out to them about donating the ambulance,” said FCVFD Chief Paul Schomburg. “I can’t imagine how helpless we would feel as firefighters and EMTs if we had to function without the basic tools of the trade that we take for granted.”

Island Park is a community of 4,700 residents, located along the coast of Long Island near Long Beach, NY. The IPVFD has been trying to restore emergency services to its community since Sandy’s devastating winds, rain and storm surge destroyed their fire station and fire apparatus.

“This ambulance has served us well over the years but has a far greater value to our brothers and sisters up north. It is a strong vehicle that will provide them with excellent service,” said Schomburg. Schomburg and FCVFD President Ian Weston traveled to Island Park on November 19.

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