Fairdale (KY) Fire Department Donates Fire Apparatus to High School Program

Staff and students enrolled in the Fire Science and EMS program at Fairdale High School welcomed a new member to their crew.

Students celebrated the arrival of a fire engine, capable of pumping 1,500 gallons per minute, donated to the program by the Fairdale Fire Department.

Forty-six students between 10th and 12th grade are currently enrolled in the Fire Science and EMS program.

For some Fairdale firefighters on hand for the engine dedication, the ceremony sparked memories. Both Fairdale Fire Captains Josh Underwood and Kyle Lankford once stood in the Fairdale students’ shoes.

“We had an old auxiliary engine from the city, but we didn’t hardly have any nicknames for it,” said Underwood, reminiscing to his days in the high school fire program.

“It’s a different experience when you’re on this side of it,” said Lankford. “The proud Fairdale Bulldog alumni jumped at the opportunity to give back to his alma mater.

About 100 Fairdale High School 9th graders currently enrolled in a public safety rotation will eventually decide between taking part in the Fire Science and EMS program or a Law Enforcement program also offered at the Jefferson County Public Schools facility.

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