Fairborn City Council (OH) Approves Fire Equipment Purchases

The Fairborn City Council (OH) unanimously approved Division Fire Chief John Thomas’s request for up to $45,000 in needed tools and utilities for the city’s new 78-foot fire truck.

The fire truck, an E-One Typhoon Aerial ladder truck, is a demonstration model valued at $632,162, and had been purchased in April. Thomas said delivery of the truck came about two months earlier than expected, and that necessitated the need for buying the necessary fire fighting related implements at this time.

“This is standard equipment needed for the new Quint. … It includes, among other things, hose, rescue equipment, nozzles, saws, air bags, hand tools, exhaust fans and other related fire equipment,” Thomas said.

When purchase of the truck was approved in April, Thomas then explained that the new truck would replace an existing 2001 E-One truck at Fire Station 4. That 2001 model will be placed on reserve status, and a 1991 KME fire engine will be removed from the fleet.

Thomas explained that the hoses and equipment from the retired engine wouldn’t be sufficient on the new engine, because safety standards require that all equipment be retired after 25 years. Thus the KME fire engine’s equipment was already 22 years old.

Assistant Utilities Superintendent Marcus Lehotay asked for and received unanimous approval for the $44,650 purchase of new metering equipment. The current Itron-brand equipment, which is used to monitor utility use of 13,000 accounts in the Fairborn area, became no longer serviceable earlier this week.

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